Kew Residence

Edgecombe Street, Kew

Adams Consulting Engineers has been chosen to deliver structural and civil engineering services for an exclusive project involving luxury dual double-storey residences. Each home was thoughtfully designed to accommodate 4 generously proportioned bedrooms. Meticulous attention has been invested in every facet of the design, ensuring an impeccable outcome.

Both properties have high ceilings, complemented by strategically-placed double-height voids and highlight windows that bathe the interiors in natural light. Adding to their allure, distinct cantilever canopies adorn both the front and rear facades, making a strong architectural statement.

Both residences are characterized by expansive open-concept living areas, ingeniously crafted to optimize the use of space while fostering a sense of openness. The ground floor slab has been skillfully engineered to harmonize seamlessly with the site’s natural slope, showcasing our commitment to both functionality and aesthetics.

Scope of Works

Structural Design and Documentation
Civil Design and Documentation
Construction Support

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