Blacktown Exercise Sports and Technology Hub

81 Eastern Road, Rooty Hill NSW

Blacktown Exercise Sports and Technology Hub (BEST) is an exceptional project that encompasses the construction of a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to health, sports medicine, rehabilitation services, and training. Adams has played a vital role in providing comprehensive structural engineering design documentation and construction services for both the BEST building and the athlete accommodation building.

The BEST building, spanning two stories, showcases innovative construction techniques, such as the utilization of a prop-free deep profile steel decking system by Fielders, complemented by concrete floor finishes. The primary structure features a robust structural steel beam-column-brace system, which is further supported by a fully suspended post-tension slab on the ground.

This project also boasts fascinating architectural features, including a striking curved roof, a GRC façade, an arch gateway, and column-free spiral stairs. Such intricate elements demand creative engineering thinking and close collaboration with builders, architects, and subcontractors to ensure their successful implementation.


The project encountered the challenge of constructing the BEST building on a deep uncontrolled fill site (Class P). To address this, Adams implemented a design solution that involved a suspended post-tensioned slab on a cupboard void former and concrete piles. This approach effectively mitigated any potential impact from ground movements, such as heaving or shrinking.

The architectural complexity of the building, including its large spans, curved façade and roof, and significant cantilevers, presented a unique challenge. This required extensive coordination and collaboration with other consultants, particularly the project architects, to ensure seamless integration of the structural design with the architectural vision.


The presence of multifunctional facilities within the building, such as a pool, analysis track, biomechanics area, and more, added another layer of complexity to the structural design. Adams had to carefully consider the specific requirements of these facilities and ensure the structural elements could support their operational needs.

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