Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick

9-13 Gordon Street, Elsternwick

Adams Consulting Engineers played a pivotal role in a significant renovation and addition project for a renowned entertainment landmark that has stood for 125 years.

The project involved several notable features, including the construction of four new cinemas above the original theatre, the conversion of the original building into a jazz bar on level 1, and the creation of a rooftop open-air cinema and bar above the existing boutique cinemas, which had been in operation for 20 years.

The project required conducting design investigations and executing construction works with the utmost precision to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the theatres during the process. This commitment to minimal disruptions allowed the theatres to continue screening without any significant interruptions.

The construction of the new cinemas involved the implementation of a steel-framed superstructure on a composite slab deck.

Additionally, the existing lift was extended to accommodate the new level, and new and modified stair access points were incorporated into the original building.

The project also encompassed alterations to the existing roof-mounted building services, ensuring seamless integration with the overall design.






The new cinemas were designed to have a significant column-free area, spanning over the original theatre. This created a spacious and uninterrupted space for moviegoers.

Considering ground conditions, access limitations, and existing brickwork capacity, we strategically placed new steel columns within the existing building. This allowed for the support of the composite slab deck and facilitated the prop-free construction of the new cinemas. Furthermore, this design approach preserved the integrity of the existing façade.

The construction of the roof-top open-air cinema and bar required large clear spans to avoid any impact on the cinemas located below. Careful coordination and meticulous steel detailing were integral in ensuring the installation of the structural elements within the site constraints while meeting the final design requirements.

Scope of Works

Structural Design
Civil Design
Construction Phase Works

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