Essendon Residence

Lorraine Street, Essendon

The project scope for the Essendon Residence encompassed the design and construction of a new two-storey house, replacing an existing single-storey weatherboard cottage.

The primary objective was to create a modern and distinctive residence that would stand out from the prevailing house types in the neighbourhood while still harmonising with its suburban context.

Project Highlights

To optimise natural light and leverage the sloping site, a boomerang-like plan was meticulously designed.

These structural elements were carefully designed to maximise sunlight and take full advantage of the sloping site.

Furthermore, the split-level design ensured clear zoning, effectively separating spaces for parents and children, as well as formal and informal living areas.

A key focus of the design was to create functional spaces that seamlessly flowed within the house.

This was achieved through the integration of a gallery-hallway, serving as a central circulation spine. This unique feature guided occupants into the heart of the living areas, creating a sense of connectivity and convenience.

Scope of Works

Structural Design and Documentation
Construction Support

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