Manly Civic Club

2 West Promenade, Manly NSW

Adams played a vital role in the structural engineering service for the Manly Civic Club Redevelopment.

This impressive six-storey project consists of 38 luxurious apartments situated above a renovated licensed Civic Club on the ground floor. The project involved designing the two-and-a-half levels of the basement to withstand high water table pressure. To address this, Adams implemented a robust solution by utilizing CSM (cutter soil mix) walls and a hydrostatic slab. This innovative approach ensured the structural integrity of the basement, providing a secure foundation for the development.

In addition, the redevelopment project respects the heritage significance of the site, with the preservation, refurbishment, and incorporation of the heritage-listed Auckland Garage. This iconic structure will be seamlessly integrated into the new Civic Club, serving as an enchanting outdoor dining area.


One of the main challenges was the presence of a shallow water table, necessitating the design of fully tanked 2.5 levels of basement. Adams successfully addressed this challenge by implementing a robust dewatering system and incorporating a 500mm thick hydrostatic slab.
Additionally, the introduction of a car stacker system due to site constraints further complicated the basement design, requiring careful coordination and integration of all load-bearing elements.

Another notable challenge was the integration of the load-bearing elements, such as slabs, columns, and footings, into the Cut Soil Mix (CSM) shoring wall.

The temporary retention and strengthening of the heritage-listed Auckland Garage posed a unique challenge during the construction of the Manly Civic Club Redevelopment. While building the new structure behind it, it was crucial to preserve the integrity of the garage’s roof and wall structure.

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