Mullum Mullum Reserve Highball Stadium

1-41 Springvale Road, Donvale

Adams Consulting Engineers played a central role in the civil engineering design of the multi-use stadium and associated infrastructure for the Manningham City Council, situated within the Mullum Mullum Creek area.

Our involvement extended from the initial concept design all the way through to the stadium’s construction, which includes seating for up to 500 people. The civil engineering aspects of the project encompassed the design of internal roads, carparks, alterations to the internal reserve roadway layout, and road widening at the entrance of Mullum Mullum Reserve from Springvale Road.

Emphasizing the importance of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), the Council and our team extensively integrated these principles into the site layout. This involved the installation of large in-ground rainwater tanks to capture runoff from the expansive roof for on-site reuse, as well as rain gardens to filter rainwater runoff from the carparks. Rigorous modelling in accordance with Best Practice Pollution Reduction targets was conducted using the MUSIC tool to ensure compliance.


Collaboration with Melbourne Water to install anamorphic signage adjacent to a new raingarden; providing community information about the Water Sensitive Urban Design benefits

Assisting to deliver Council’s Premier Stadium to service growing demand for sports and active living

Scope of Works

Civil Engineering Design
Stormwater Management
Water Sensitive Urban Design
Road Widening

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