The Langdon

Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW

The Langdon project in Winston Hills is an exciting development that brings a new level of luxury living to the area. This residential project encompasses a range of high-quality features and amenities designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents.

The project is a vertical extension of an existing shopping centre, this extension includes the addition of a new podium slab and three levels of residential apartment buildings, along with extra parking facilities. To support the new structure, we have reinforced and underpinned the existing shopping centre’s structure. We have implemented a three-storey structure consisting of light-gauge steel frames, which minimizes the need for extensive strengthening work below. Importantly, the construction of this project has had no impact on the existing shopping centre’s retail operations.


The primary challenge of this project was to strengthen and underpin the existing concrete structures of the shopping centre without causing disruptions to the operations of major tenants and the shopping experience of customers.

Another significant challenge involved designing and constructing a substantial new podium slab transfer structure, leveraging the existing shopping center’s rooftop slab to support the weight of the wet concrete.

Additionally, the civil stormwater design entailed upgrading the shopping center’s existing OSD tank through internal and external modifications.




One of the standout features of this project is the vertical extension of the existing shopping center. By adding new levels above the current structure, the project maximizes the available space.

The design and construction of the vertical extension have been carefully executed to seamlessly integrate with the existing shopping center.




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