The Silos, Collingwood

55-65 Islington Street, Collingwood

Adams Consulting Engineers played a pivotal role in the structural design for the transformation of this iconic industrial landmark in Collingwood. This project centred around the adaptive reuse of the former James Hood Malthouse, originally constructed for grain storage. These historic silos have been brilliantly reimagined as residential units, complete with enticing amenities like a swimming pool and an outdoor barbecue area.

The architectural design elegantly combines the enduring concrete silo construction with contemporary building materials. The original silo walls, constructed using reinforced concrete, have been fortified and modernized to meet the highest current structural standards.


This transformation involved repurposing the silos into residential units whilst preserving their distinctive cylindrical shape, incorporating them into the overall design of the building.

Maximising the natural light and surrounding views through windows and openings whilst conserving the structural integrity of the silos proved to be a challenge during this project. With the introduction of new openings in the existing concrete structure, our engineers were required to provide careful structural engineering and reinforcement solutions.

Accommodating for the footings of the silos and the newly implemented underpins/piers, an intricately designed carpark layout was required. During construction, temporary needles and props were supported by temporary piers and a substantial 900mm thick transfer slab installed to provide support for the two silos situated above the basement carpark.



Opportunity to be involved in an iconic award-winning architecture project.

We carefully considered the positioning of the lift core, external stairwell and balconies to minimise visual intrusion.

The design of the two glass penthouses positioned at the crown of the silos gives the illusion that they are floating above the existing silo structure.

Reuse of the existing silos; allowing for sustainable development and associated reduced environmental cost.

Scope of Works

Structural Design and Documentation
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