Whitehorse Towers

850 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

Positioned at the gateway to Box Hill’s central shopping precinct, the Whitehorse Towers consist of two main high-rise buildings.

Tower 1 stands at a height of approximately 108 meters with 36 floors, while Tower 2 reaches a height of around 76 meters with 26 floors making it one of the tallest buildings outside the Melbourne CBD. The overall design showcases sleek and modern architectural elements.

The building’s structure primarily consists of reinforced concrete, which provides durability and stability. Reinforced concrete columns and beams support the weight of the floors and distribute the loads evenly throughout the structure.

The structural design of the building takes into account the integration of various amenities and facilities within the building. This includes provisions for parking spaces, recreational areas, common spaces, and other amenities that enhance the overall functionality and user experience.


The exterior façade of Whitehorse Towers features a combination of glass and metal cladding. The extensive use of glass allows for abundant natural light penetration and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The glazing is designed to enhance energy efficiency and provide thermal comfort.

42,420m2 of living space

A landmark building for Box Hill, Whitehorse Towers houses 511 apartments, The Chen – a five-star Art Series hotel, offices, restaurants and retail outlets.






Being located in a seismically active region, the structural design of Whitehorse Towers incorporates seismic considerations. It includes reinforced concrete shear walls strategically positioned to resist lateral forces and ensure the building’s stability during seismic events.

As a tall building Wind load considerations are vital to ensure occupant comfort and structural integrity. The building’s shape and structural elements are optimized to withstand wind forces and minimize wind-induced vibrations.




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